2014 Tega Cay Breakers Registration Form

Inclement weather policy for PRACTICE:
  1. If it is thundering and lightening, we
    do not have practice.
  2. If it is only raining, we have practice.
  3. If it starts to thunder and lightening
    during practice times, we get out of
    the water immediately, get off the
    pool deck and go into the
    clubhouse.  One practice time could
    be cancelled, but if the weather
    blows over, a later practice time may
    not be cancelled.
  4. I will do my best to communicate via
    the WEBSITE if all practices are
    cancelled.  Check the website after 3:
    30 p.m. (7:00 a.m. when we move to
    morning practices) to see if
    practices are cancelled.
  5. If the weather turns ugly during the
    practice times, you will have to call
    the pool or go ahead and come to
    the pool to see if practice is
  6. If the weather is cold, make sure
    your swimmer comes with a pair of
    sneakers for dry land practice.  
    Sometimes, the weather is just too
    cold to get in the water.  We will have
    dry land practice instead.
Use your best judgment when deciding
whether or not you bring your swimmer to

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Tega Cay Breaker's Current News
Registration fees remain the same for this year:
  • Members of the Beach and Swim
    Center: $110.00 first swimmer/$90.00
    each additional swimmer in the family
  • Non- members: $115.00 first
    swimmer/$95.00 each additional
    swimmer in the family

Swimming lessons are available at the Tega
Cay Beach Club.  For more information visit the
website by clicking on the link below.

Tega Cay Beach Club Swim lessons

Inclement weather policy for MEETS:
  1. If it is stormy/rainy weather the
    afternoon of a meet, here is the policy
    of the league:
  2. Swimmers should come to the meet
    at the designated arrival time (unless
    there is a thunderstorm right then.  
    Wait until the thunderstorm lessens
    and then head to the pool.)
  3. If it is only raining, we swim.
  4. If a thunderstorm rolls in, we
    suspend the meet.  We cannot get
    back into the water until 30 minutes
    after the last lightening strike/thunder.
  5. If conditions do not allow the start of
    the meet, the teams will wait a
    minimum of one hour from the meet
    start time (5:45pm) to make a
    decision. At that time, the decision
    whether or not to cancel the meet will
    be made based on time and weather
  6. If the meet has already started and
    was suspended due to weather, the
    teams will wait until at least 8:00 p.m.
    and then decide whether the meet
    can be completed or should be
  7. No swimmer may leave the meet
    unless the meet is officially